Minggu, 18 September 2016

You Shall Go To The Ball

Debs season is fast approaching and all the little ladies are out and about searching for that perfect gown.  I got rid of my first debs dress there not so long ago, it was black full length, heavy soft satin with a wrap around skirt and embellishment on the bust. I got invited with only 3 weeks to go and my mother and me were traipsing around Dublin trying to find something. We found said dress on sale in Alexanders Bridal on Parnell st which sadly is no longer there! My second was a 3/4 length turquoise shiny satin and silk with a crisscross strap at the back and a sash, it also had diamante crowns on the straps, this that I stumbled upon in Saks on my holiday that summer. I adored it, and wore it to several college balls after. Anyway, here are a few samples of what Id be wearing if I was going to the debs again......
Prob out of everyone's price range but a girl can dream....or make an equivalent!
Image 1 of Forever Unique Applique Flower Bandeau Maxi Dress
Forever Unique


For those of you looking for something a little bit different check out Dirty Fabulous and Shutterbug for vintage and unique pieces xxx

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